Designing Embroidered Patch


Designing Your Embroidered Patches

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Patch Designing

Patch Designing

Patch Artwork

Guidelines for submitting the perfect patch design:

  1. IDEA

Decide what you would like shown on your patch, such as text, a logo, or an image. We can work with most types of logos and images, though there are a few exceptions:

  1. Photos: These generally do not translate well to embroidery, due to their wide range of colors and high detail.
  2. Gradients and shadows: These cannot be exactly recreated in embroidery due to the amount of colors that would be needed for a smooth transition.
  3. Low resolution or low quality images: These may result in loss of detail in the final design, since their appearance may be distorted due to the lack of size and/or quality. For submitted images, we recommend the original image be at least 1000x1000 pixels if at all possible. Please do not resize images, as detail lost in smaller images cannot be restored by enlarging.
  4. Lines: Thin lines need to be single-stitched, which can create a dotted line appearance on light to medium colors. This is caused by the shadows created where the thread enters and exits the patch. This can be avoided by making your lines at least 0.05" thick. The line can then be stitched side to side instead of in a straight line, creating an even appearance.

This is determined by where the patch will be applied. For example, hat patches should be about 2.5" high, shoulder patches 4" overall, back patches 8" x 10." Patches for general use are usually 3."

The patch shape may also be important, depending on its intended use. We can cut a patch to just about any shape you need, using either a merrowed or hot cut border.

  1. TEXT

The smallest text that will be legible on an embroidered patch is 1/8" minimum height and width. We recommend that your text be slightly larger for a cleaner appearance. Block letters generally work best at any size, while script letters are not advised unless the text will be large. Please allow adequate spacing for the best legibility. Use of drop shadows and outlines is highly discouraged, as they can make the text look messy and detract from its appearance.


Choosing the correct colors is the key to make your patch stand out. Using bright, bold colors is the best way to make your patch an attention grabber. If you have Pantone Solid Coated colors available, we can ensure a perfect color match to your design. We offer many different thread and twill backing colors to suit any design you may have. We even have metallic and neon threads to give your patch an extra kick!


Once you finalize your design, you can prepare a layout to submit. It can be anything from professionally designed artwork to hand-drawn. Our talented artists can turn just about any type of artwork into a high quality patch design.


You can upload your artwork through our Free Quote form, or send it directly to us via email at We accept many file formats, including JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, AI, EPS, PDF, and PSD. If your design uses specialized fonts, please be sure to send those along with the artwork file for the most accurate reproduction. Once received, we will review your artwork and let you know if there are any issues that may not translate well into embroidery.

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