Are Your Custom Patches One-Hit Wonders or Legends?

Are Your Custom Patches One-Hit Wonders or Legends?

Published May 16, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

Ever notice how some songs just burst onto the scene and you can’t get away from them? They seem to come out of nowhere, and then for weeks or months are everywhere from the radio to podcasts, TV shows and even the supermarket.

Then, just as they’ve imprinted into your brain as an inescapable earworm, they disappear. You don’t hear them again for years.

Often, those songs are the product of one-hit wonders. Those are artists or bands who have one big hit, then don’t make the charts again. Sometimes, even when the song lives on, you forget the artist.

Quick, who sang “What Is Love” in 1993?

If you said Haddaway, congratulations. If you didn’t, I’ll bet the song’s still stuck in your head right now. Or how about “Stacy’s Mom”? Yep, you guessed it (or not), Fountains of Wayne.

There’s a long history of one-hit wonders. And sometimes the song transcends the artist, becoming a hit for another artist as well. Tom Cochrane’s 1991 classic “Life is a Highway” for example, became a hit 15 years later for country artists Rascal Flatts.

As odd as it might seem, custom patches can be one-hit wonders too. You can make a simple statement on a patch that a person could see and never forget. Make a joke, take a political stand, or just comment on life in general. It could have an impact beyond what you realize.

For example, let’s say you have a patch that reads “Never Again” for a political cause. By itself, that doesn’t convey much. But pair it with an image for a political cause – right or left, it doesn’t matter which – and people are a lot more likely to remember where you stand on a particular issue.

Sometimes you don’t even need words. You can make an impression with just an image. Consider the typical motorcycle club jacket patch. Sure, the words tell you which club the wearer belongs to, but often the image says it all.

Other times, you might want a patch that repeats a common message. If you want to promote a brand, you’re better served by something legendary – such as your logo – rather than a simple one-hit wonder.

The key is to know which patch style works best for your needs. A good patch provider can help you decide what patch style fits.

And speaking of one-hit wonders, can you still dance the Macarena?