Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to access the free quote page and fill in the required information. There is a place there to attach your image. That will assure that we have the information we need to give you an accurate quote. As an alternative you may email your design with some to [email protected]

Which file formats do you accept for submitted artwork?

Our Art Department's preferred file formats are cdr, eps, pdf, ai, svg. We will also accept psd, jpg, gif, bmp, tif, png. If you have no other alternative we will accept doc, ppt, xls, wps. No pubs or embroidery files please!

Do I have to submit a sketch/artwork?

No. If you do not have artwork, you need only to describe what you are looking for and our skilled Art Department will provide you with a beautiful design. However, if you do have a sketch or even unfinished artwork, it will be easier for our artists if you submit it. It will also aid our Art Department in making your final design as close as possible to what you are envisioning.

Do you offer unlimited artwork revisions?

All artwork is free with your order, and we do allow multiple revisions to a reasonable degree. We will do as many revisions as it takes until your artwork is exactly what you are envisioning. However, if we reach a point where concepts get scrapped and our artists are required to start over multiple times, we may charge a revision fee, or recommend that you figure out exactly what you want before requesting more changes.

I have an existing patch that was made elsewhere. Can you duplicate it?

Yes. If you mail us the patch, we can duplicate it exactly. We can mail the patch back to you after production is complete per your request.

How is size determined?

Size is determined by adding the length and width and then dividing by two. In other words, it is the average of the two dimensions.

Is there a standard patch size?

No. All the patches we do are custom; however, our most popular sizes are 3", 3.5", and 4". Motorcycle back patches are not usually smaller than 9 inches, with the standard size being 12 inches.

Will my patches come out looking like my art?

No embroidered patch will look 100% like the artwork off of which it is based, regardless of what some embroidered patch companies may say.

If you have visited some of our competitors' websites, you will find that the images of embroidered patches they have displayed are in fact not images of embroidered patches at all. They are images of artwork that has been run through software that generates an "embroidered look."

There is a problem with this. The generated image is not what an embroidered patch actually looks like. This causes the customer to be fooled into thinking he/she is getting a higher quality product than he/she actually is.

On Stadri's website, all of the embroidered patch images you will see on our site are scans of real patches that we have produced for real customers.

How many colors can I have in my patch?

You may have up to 10 colors for free. Each additional color is 15 cents per patch.

How do I choose colors?

You do not have to choose colors yourself. Our artists will match the colors in your design as closely as possible to our thread colors (We do not always guarantee an exact match). If you have particular Pantoner or exact colors that must be in your design, You can view our thread colors here. Pantoner color selections must be in Coated or Uncoated.

What is the smallest lettering can be?

Without sacrificing quality and legibility, all lettering should be 1/4" in height, which is the equivalent of 14 points in a standard block font.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order for embroidered patches is 6 pieces, which is among the lowest in the industry. Anything lower than that we are unable to produce at a low cost to you.

How do i place an order?

Minimums for other popular products: Printed Patches and Clothing Labels: 25pcs / Woven Patches and Enamel Lapel Pins: 50pcs / Lanyards and PVC Patches: 100pcs

How is pricing determined?

You may fill out our order form or call us at 1-888-677-4809.

How can I pay for my order?

Many factors influence pricing. The base price per patch is determined by size and quantity, although many other factors can influence price, including number of colors, backing, specialty threads, rush service, etc . . .

Will I be able to approve my art before my patches are produced?

You may pay by credit card, money order, or personal check. link to payment form

How long will it take to receive my patches?

Yes. All artwork is emailed to you before going to production, unless you request otherwise. If you do not have an email address, an account manager will make arrangements with you so you can send your artwork via another method.

How are my items shipped?

Standard production time for embroidered and woven patches is typically 10-12 business days from final proof approval; pins and PVC patches can take 15-20 business days. No delivery date is guaranteed unless discussed and approved at the time of placing the order. We offer a 7-9-day rush service for embroidered and woven patches. This adds 20% to the cost of your order.

Are your patches made in the US?

We proudly offer patches made in the US as well as overseas, depending on your time frame and budget. Please let your account manager know if you have a preference.

Does my patch have to be round or square?

Once you send us the approval to proceed, we will charge your credit card and place the order with our factory.

Can you make patches that are smaller than 2”?

Due to the inherent nature of patches, they hold absolutely no value for anyone other than the person ordering them. Because of this, we must require payment at the time of the order.

What is the largest patch you can make?

We are a multi-million dollar corporation with a reputation of outstanding customer service. We suggest that you check us out with the Better Business Bureau which has assessed us with an A+ rating. You can also call us on the phone and talk to a real person.


Do you accept purchase orders as payment?

If you are a government agency or a public school, we can accept a purchase order for an order with a minimum balance of $ 200.00. We can also accept a check as payment, however, we cannot place the order until the check has been received.

Do you charge for shipping or sales taxes?

We ship FedEX Ground or USPS Priority Mail unless the customer specifies otherwise. State sales tax applies to all orders shipped within New York State.

What if I find patches that are cheaper?

We proudly offer patches made in the US as well as overseas, depending on your time frame and budget. Please let your account manager know if you have a preference.

Do you ship to an APO?

If you are a government agency or a public school, we can accept a purchase order for an order with a minimum balance of $ 200.00. We can also accept a check as payment, however, we cannot place the order until the check has been received.

When will I be charged for the order?

The background fabric for embroidered patches is a poly-cotton blended twill. The threads are 100% rayon.

Why do I have to pay for my patches up front?

When properly applied, the iron on backing is good for approximately 20-30 washings. We recommend a hot cut border if the patches are going to be ironed on.

How do I know that I will get my patches after you charge my credit card?

The tape backing is a peel and stick backing that is excellent for a temporary application, like at a trade show or weekend event. The glue is very adherent. We recommend a hot cut border for patches with tape backing.


What materials are your patches made of?

We do not charge shipping for any order shipped to a united States address. The only state that we charge sales tax to is Florida, since that is where our corporate office is located.

How durable is the iron-on backing?

Remember the old saying that you get what you pay for. Our patches are made with the finest materials and are guaranteed against defects. We have the best customer service in the industry and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are one of the largest providers in the industry.

What is the tape backing used for?

Yes, we can ship to an APO. There is a small shipping and handling charge to do that.