Custom Patch Options


Standard backing

Our standard sew-on style. You will need to sew these on.


Tape backing

A peel and stick backing for temporary applications.

For quick and easy application and removal. This patch does have a limited life span and will not withstand laundering, simply because of the tape backing.

add 20%

Iron-On backing

You can apply these patches to the garment with your home iron. Feel free to ask for emailed written instructions. Not a permanent feature. Lasts for 20-30 washes.

11¢ per patch

Plastic backing

A thin, clear plastic coating is applied to the back of the patch to increase stiffness. Can be used with sew on, iron on or Velcro® patches

11¢ per patch

Velcro® backing

A hook and loop backing is attached to the back of the patch. Both sides are supplied. One side will need to be sewn on to the garment you want to attach the patch to. Cut to the shape of the patch. Airsoft teams and most military units require Velcro® backing.

add 20%


Merrowed Border

This is our standard border style.


Hot-Cut Border

A laser is used to seal the border of your patch, as opposed to the wraparound stitching of our standard merrowed border. It is especially useful when added to an iron-on backing, allowing the iron-on material to travel to the edge of the patch to prevent snags.

11¢ per patch

Other Options

Metallic Thread

Metallic threads add extra sparkle and flair to your patch design.

add 20%

Neon Thread

Extra bright colors help your patch stand out even more.

add 20%

Button Loop

A fabric loop is added to the top of the patch, allowing it to hang from a button or pin.

11¢ per patch

Additional Colors

We offer up to 7 colors for free with our standard pricing but you can add additional colors if needed for a nominal fee.

11¢ per patch