Bike Week is Coming! Be Ready With New Custom Patches

Bike Week is Coming! Be Ready With New Custom Patches

Published Jan 17, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

Can you hear that? That low sound that’s growing just a bit louder every day?

You know the one I mean. The sound of free spirits. The sound of folks shoveling snow as they dream about Daytona Beach Bike Week.

Sure, those Up North are snowed in at the moment as we here in Florida shiver in our shirtsleeves at 65 degrees. But you can bet every time some folks fire up the snowblower in Poughkeepsie, they’re dreaming of sunshine and the freedom of Bike Week, vowing to make the trek this year.

It’ll be here before you know it. In the words of Fleetwood Mac, don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow. And in our words, don’t stop thinkin’ about your new custom patches, either.

C’mon, you can’t hit the streets of Daytona Beach with those ratty old patches that are falling apart. And even if you can, you know you’ve got new things to say, new ideas to express.

You know you’ve been meaning to replace those old, faded patches with new ones. There’s never been a better time! We can reproduce any existing design you have, or we can help you craft an entirely new one.

Or maybe your old patches are fine, but you have  something new to say. Whatever you want to tell the world, we can put it on a patch for you. Whether it’s a club affiliation, a joke, a political statement or a remembrance of a friend, we’ll make it happen.

Right now is the perfect time to order new patches for Bike Week ’22. We’re  six weeks away as this is written. You’ve got just enough time to get them before you roll south out of the deep freeze toward the warm Florida beaches.

And we offer more options than ever before. Whether you need embroidered, woven or PVC patches, we’ve got you covered. Just an aside – have you seen how detailed PVC patches can be these days? You can get virtually photorealistic artwork to showcase your viewpoint.

You’ll still get our legendary customer service and great prices. So what are you waiting for? Bike Week will be here before you know it! Be ready with new custom patches from us. Call or email today to find out how great your new patches can be!