Boost the Power of Your Uniform Name Patches

Boost the Power of Your Uniform Name Patches

Published Jan 5, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

OK, we’ll admit one thing up front – uniform patches can be boring.

Let’s be real, no one gets excited about having a patch with their name and/or their employer’s name on their shirt or jacket. It’s just not a big deal, right?

Those simple patches, however, are a helpful way to promote your business. And we can show you how to give them a little bit of extra flair to make them more memorable to both customers and employees.

The name patch serves a valuable function for your customers. It lets them know the person in front of them actually works for your company. That’s an especially important factor if your employees go into another business or into customers’ homes. It’s a signal that the stranger they’re about to let in is who they say they are. That gives the customer more confidence in the employee(s), and in your organization.

With walk-in businesses, patches can indicate to your customers, the position of the person they’re talking to, whether that person is a server, a greeter, a warehouse worker or a manager. That helps customers find the right person to help them with their needs.

So what can you do to boost the visibility of this simple little tool? Start by considering the shape of your patch? Is it round, rectangular or square? Would a custom shape bring more visibility to your logo?

Next, check the font and text size. Is it legible? If not, either an increase in size or a change in font style could greatly improve it.

How about the colors used? Do you use color in your logo? Then use it in your patches as well. Simple black thread on white or khaki twill does have a classic elegance, but don’t be afraid to add color too. Even something as simple as a single red stripe can add emphasis to your logo. It’s all about drawing the customer’s eye.

If you’re willing to experiment a bit, there’s really no reason why name patches can’t be as colorful and unique as other patch types.. It’s a matter of finding the right extras to include. Go for a sunburst, a rainbow, an ocean wave or whatever else intrigues you. Remember, your patches are advertising for your organizations. That’s why you want to make them memorable.

It’s a new year. Now is the perfect time to up your patch game! Give your employees a bold new look with new custom name patches. Call or email us today for more details.