Cheap Custom Patches That Work

Cheap Custom Patches That Work

Published Oct 30, 2023 by Rick Cundiff

It’s no secret that custom patches are a popular way to get your message out, whether you’re supporting a cause, celebrating a band or promoting a business. The handy little mini-billboards can increase exposure for your brand and promote awareness. But you might be concerned about the costs of patches.

No need to worry. Custom patches can be a lot more affordable than you might think. Cheap custom patches, properly designed, can be just as effective as more expensive ones, for a lot less money.

Let’s take a look at affordable custom patches and see just how easy it can be put them to work for your organization.

Custom patches are a time-honored means of expression, in myriad ways. No matter if you want to promote your business, are looking for something fun to collect or want to make a fashion statement, cheap custom patches are a stylish, effective way to go.

Keep in mind that “cheap” in this case has nothing to do with the quality of the patches. It’s possible to get first-rate patches at bargain prices. You just need to consider a few factors that affect the price and deal with a reputable patch provider.

The Cost of Custom Patches

Several factors affect the price of custom patches. Those include patch size, the complexity of the design, number of colors, backing choices and quantity ordered. Understanding how the interplay of those factors affect the cost of your patches can help you make choices that can keep your patch costs low.

Let’s take a look at how those factors can affect patch prices.

Factors to Consider When Ordering Custom Patches

Size and Shape: This is the most basic factor in patch pricing. Simply put, bigger patches cost more than smaller ones. Custom shapes can affect the size, the backing style required and the necessary border. All of those will have a bearing on the price you pay.

Design and Artwork:

Consider your patch design carefully. With a well-crafted design, you’ll save money in production. Take the time to craft a clean, simple design.


The colors you choose for your design can affect the price of your patches. Most providers charge extra for more than seven colors on one patch. If you can keep your design to seven or fewer colors, you’ll save money.

Patch Type:

The patch type you choose can significantly affect the price of your patches. They also play a role in the durability of your patches.

When it comes to types of cheap custom patches, embroidered patches are the most popular. They generally tend to be less expensive than other patch styles. Embroidered patches offer a classic look and texture that fits most applications.

Embroidered patches aren’t the best choice for every need, however. If you have an intricate logo or design, it can be hard to reproduce cleanly on a given size patch. An overcrowded embroidered design looks muddy, and text may not be legible. 

This type of patch also is subject to fading from weather exposure and can eventually fray.

Woven patches, because they use a thinner thread, allow for greater detail in your design. They are a bit more expensive than embroidered, but can be the answer if you need more space for art. Like embroidered patches, they can fade and fray eventually.

PVC patches, made of a soft, rubberlike plastic, offer the greatest flexibility. Their printing process allows for nearly photorealistic images and lots of detail that embroidered and woven patches just can’t match. Unlike the other types, PVC patches won’t fade or fray, making them suitable for rugged environments. They do, however, tend to be more expensive than either embroidered or woven patches.

Patch Backing 

Your choice of backing style will be a significant contributor to the price of your cheap custom patches. Which one is best for your purposes depends on the intended use of your patches, whether they need to be attached permanently, and in some cases, the material you want to attach them to.

Sew On Backing

This is the basic patch. It gets sewn onto the garment you want to attach it to. This is the most economical choice because there’s no extra charge at all. It’s also the most permanent way to attach a patch. Properly done, the patch will last as long as the garment itself.

Iron On Backing

For a slight added charge over sew on patches, iron on backing allows an easier, quicker way to attach your patches. There’s no sewing required. Just press the patch onto the garment with a hot iron, which melts the adhesive into the fabric.

Iron on backing is considered permanent, but can eventually loosen after multiple washings. It can be used as a way to position patches which can then be stitched in a few spots for a truly permanent solution.

Iron on patches are not suitable for all types of fabric. Many can’t handle the heat required for iron on patches without damage. When in doubt, don’t use iron on backing. Consult an iron on patch guide for more information.

Velcro® Backing

This backing type uses hook-and-loop fasteners to attach patches to garments. It’s an ideal type for military morale patches and others that you might need to remove at times. It’s also perfect for transferring patches between different garments such as uniform sleeves. This backing will increase the cost of your patches, but can be your best option for those circumstances.

Ordering in Bulk

You might think ordering the absolute minimum number of cheap custom patches would be your best bet. But that doesn’t take into account the benefits of ordering in bulk. 

Most patch providers have a minimum order quantity. Beyond that, the more patches you order, the lower the price per unit drops. That can result in substantial savings on your total order.

For example, lets say you need 250 patches, but the provider offers a price break at 300. It’s possible the price for patches could actually be lower than that 250 because of the lower per-unit price at 300. Your patch provider will work with you to get you the best possible price on the number of patches you need.

Balancing Quality and Price

We’ll say it again: cheap custom patches don’t have to be poor quality patches. Bad patches won’t look good, and won’t last. They can do more damage than good to your brand. With a little research and a dependable provider such as, you’ll find first-rate patches cost little, if any, more than inferior ones.

Custom patches are a time-honored way to promote a brand, make a political statement or even just have fun. With a little forethought and planning, you can get cheap custom patches that will serve your needs well.

If you’d like to explore the world of custom patches further, or are ready to order, call or email us today. Let us show you how great cheap custom patches can be.