Creativity -- the Heart of Patch Design

Creativity -- the Heart of Patch Design

Published Feb 23, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

You might have noticed, we’re big on creativity around here. We’re always talking about getting creative when designing your patches, daring to try something new, creating an exciting new design.

See, we believe in the concept that everyone is innately creative, and can use their own natural creative energy to make a fantastic looking custom design.

That’s all well and good, you might think, but how do I do that? How can I tap into my creativity to come up with a great patch design?

Well, as the great philosophers of En Vogue once sang, free your mind and the rest will follow. Here are a few ways to release your inner artist.

To start, think about what you want to convey with your patch. Do you want just simple text, such as a uniform name patch? Or are you looking for something with a logo, drawing or design on it?

Brainstorm a bit. Put on some music that inspires you. Doesn’t matter if it’s Billie Holiday, Billy Idol or Billie Eilish, if it gets you into a state of free thinking.

Without sounding too “1960s hippie dippy,” you’ll be surprised how much listening to music can open up your creative abilities. Relax and get into the music. Have a pen and paper handy so that when inspiration strikes – and it will, trust us – you can write down that great idea.

Once you’re ready, don’t just think outside the box. Break down the box and throw it into the trash compactor! Avoid cliches like the … well, you know. What’s the wildest, most “out there” idea you can come up with for your design? You might just surprise yourself at what you come up with!

Next, consider color. Sure, you can always do a simple black and white embroidered patch. But since we provide up to seven colors free, why not be a little bit bolder?

And if you’re thinking bolder, consider going a little bit bigger too. Give your design elements more room for added details.

Don’t worry if you’re not satisfied with the first concept. Keep working on it. Our experienced graphic artists can guide you as you refine the design. And remember, we never charge for artwork or revisions, so you can be sure your final design will be just what you want.

Once you’re happy with your design, let us know and we’ll complete your order. If you can think of it, we can turn it into a patch. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the result.

See how easy it is to be creative? Give us a call or email us to find out how we can help you craft the perfect custom patches for you. We look forward to serving all your patch needs!