Custom Uniform Patches Mean Better Business

Custom Uniform Patches Mean Better Business

Published Sep 30, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

It’s not easy to win people’s confidence these days. As a business professional, you want to win customers to your side quickly. One proven way to do that is with custom uniform patches.

When a customer sees a patch on the uniform of your employee, they’re reassured the employee is part of your team. For many jobs, it shows a level of professionalism, whether in the auto repair shop or the restaurant kitchen. And for any business that requires entering the customer’s home or workplace, patches are a must. They identify your worker before the customer has to admit them.

Of course, patches have long been a universal part of military life. And with good reason. They’re a fast way to identify names, ranks, specialties and more. They help promote unit cohesion and camaraderie.

Custom patches do the same thing for your business as well. They enable customers to identify your staff, and give your staff a unified identity that they can take pride in as well.

Name patches can help your business maintain a standard of excellence. If a customer can see the employee’s name, it encourages the employee to live up to your company’s expectations.

You can even use custom patches to reward outstanding performance. Replace the standard patch with a limited-edition one when employees achieve certain milestones such as positive customer feedback or a specified number of years of service. 

Patches are versatile enough that you can put them on just about any jacket, cap, shirt or other garment. You can even put them on cloth tool bags and other items.

With all those advantages of custom patches, what is your company waiting for? Increase the professional look of your staff, improve their morale and boost customers’ confidence all at the same time.

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