Customer Service? Sew What?

Customer Service? Sew What?

Published Mar 15, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Pop Quiz: What’s the secret to any successful business?

The correct answer – Customer service. Without great customer service, you might prosper in the short term, but long range success demands going the extra mile for your customers.

For if you go the extra mile for them, they’ll go the extra mile for you. And I mean that literally.

Think about it. Have you ever driven out of your way to patronize a business that gives you better service than one closer to home? Sure, you have. We all have.

Case in point: Not long ago, my wife’s sewing machine needed a routine cleaning and adjustment. As it happens, there’s a sewing machine shop less than five miles from our home. It’s the only local shop.

So I called them up. The employee who answered the phone sounded bored and uninterested.

I asked what they charged for a routine tuneup. She couldn’t say.

“We’ll have to get it in and see what’s wrong with it, and what parts it needs.”

I replied that there was nothing wrong with it, that it just needed a simple service call.

She said it would depend on whether the machine was electronic or simply mechanical. I told her it was the latter.

She STILL wouldn’t give me a price. Nor could she tell me how long it might take. I got the distinct sense I would get a hard upsell if we took the machine there. Under my increasingly annoyed questioning, she finally acknowledged their service appointments started at $90.

OK, fine. Let’s see who else is out there.

A quick web search showed another sewing shop in a town about 45 minutes away. They were closed on the day I called, so I left a voice mail message. The next day, I received a return phone call and spoke to someone who sounded cheerful and friendly. She quoted me a price, told me it shouldn’t take more than two weeks.

Guess where we took the sewing machine? The distant shop, true to the way it sounded, was helpful, friendly and efficient. They had the machine running like new in less than two weeks – for $85.

That doesn’t include the cost of gas for two trips to the shop, or for the time spent to do so. But for my wife and me, it was worth it for the superior service.

And by the way – who do you think we’ll recommend to friends who need a sewing machine repaired?

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