Does Anybody Really Know? Weather or Not?

Does Anybody Really Know? Weather or Not?

Published Jul 29, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

It’s a rainy summer afternoon here in the Land o’ Patches. Typical Florida summer weather, when you can just about set your watch by the rain that usually arrives between 3 and 5 p.m.

Equally typical, whether or not it’s raining depends on where you are. It can be pouring in one spot, while another a mile or two away stays bone-dry.

That gets modern technology a mite confused sometimes.

The little weather box at the bottom of my computer screen said “rain coming in.” Then it reported “raining now.” Finally it said “rain to stop.”

All of which was news to the perfectly dry parking lot outside my office window.

It’s kinda like that old song “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

Same with the rain. Right now, the computer is telling me once again that it’s raining. As I glance out the window, I see that it’s not.

Oh well, a little bit of uncertainty can be good for the soul. It’s a lesson some folks need to learn.

We really don’t have to bash people over the head with obvious stuff all the time. Sometimes a touch of mystery can go a lot further to get your point across. If you want to make folks pay attention, give ‘em something to ponder.

You don’t always have to spell out everything on your patches. If you don’t mind answering questions, put a riddle on it. Or an acronym.

If you want to keep something private from ordinary citizens but instantly meaningful to those “in the know,” use a symbol or logo. It works for Freemasons, religious organizations, biker groups (think “1%”) and many others.

Sometimes you need to spell things out specifically. Other times, subtle is sublime. The key is knowing the difference. At, our staff can help you choose which way is right for your specific patch needs.

Oh, by the way: The computer now tells me “Rain Coming In.” Parking lot still tells me “Wanna bet?”