Effective Marketing With Social Media

Effective Marketing With Social Media

Published Jan 27, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

Remember that classic line about teaching old dogs new tricks? I was reminded of  it the other day when I ran across an advice column.

The person seeking advice was the 20-something daughter of a man in his 60s. Dear old Dad wanted to try a new career in real estate sales.

Young Pup (daughter) works in a fast-paced, high tech position and was concerned Pops wouldn’t be able to handle things at all because he refused to learn how to optimize his presence in today’s marketplace. The old dog refused to learn basic computer skills, let alone use online marketing tools and social media.

Ah, social media. Where would we be without it? Today, if you’re not using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube or other social platforms to market your organization, the answer is nowhere.

Unless he changes his mind and is willing to retrain, Old Dog in this scenario, can’t compete effectively. Learning new tricks is a must if he wants to succeed.

Look, getting your brand out there in front of people is the bottom line. And in today’s world, that means using social media in the most efficient way possible. Get your logo and your image in front of people. Whether it’s a short video, a 280-character tweet, or a photo on Instagram, you need to get people talking. Why? Because talking about your brand leads to buying your brand.

Having said that, Young Pup might be able to learn a thing or two as well. Maybe, just maybe, dear old Dad has a few tricks up his sleeve about dealing with people. Maybe he knows, for example, that you can promote your logo with custom patches. Put them on caps, shirts, jeans, totes, whatever. Anything to get your logo in front of as many potential customers as you can.

Ultimately, of course, the most effective way to market your brand is a combination of old-school personality and new school tech tricks and social media. Getting the highest value from your marketing efforts requires a concerted effort. You need to explore every possible channel for your brand awareness program.

It’s not hard to combine the two aspects. Let’s say you order new patches from us – always a good idea. Then you take pictures of them to show the world how great your new patches are and post them to Instagram. Best of both worlds!

Just don’t overdo it. Don’t bombard your timeline with only pics of your patches, or your products. Take some time to get some shots of your product with your staff or customers. Get the most flexibility by showing everything about your products and what they can do.

Tell the customer how, oh, custom patches, for example, can benefit them. Post about things going on in your organization – promotions, celebrations, positive happenings of all sorts. People like to read about other people and commemorate achievements.

The main thing is to not get locked into any one way of doing things. We’d be lying if we said patches weren’t a great way to increase your brand awareness. We’d also be lying if we said it was the only way to do so. The reality of marketing today is that you need both old tricks and new to achieve the best results you can.

Want to find out more about combining custom patches and social media? Call or email us today. We’re always happy to help our customers find ways to reach greater success!