Embroidered, Woven, or PVC -- Choose the Right Patch Type

Embroidered, Woven, or PVC -- Choose the Right Patch Type

Published May 7, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

We’re big fans of custom patches. That’s no surprise. And chances are pretty good that if you’re reading this, you are too. The big question is: what kind of patches?

Different patch types fit different situations. With the three major patch types available, some will serve your patch needs better than others.

Of course, you might already have a specific patch in use, and we can easily duplicate that for you. But you might also want to reconsider how and where your organization’s patches are worn. Maybe a different type would work better for your needs.

Embroidered patches are the classic type, made with thread sewn onto a twill backing. They’re sturdy, convey a message well and are good for uniforms. They offer a traditional, more formal appearance.

Woven patches are made in a similar fashion, but are made with much thinner thread. That gives a tight weave, which presents cleaner lines and a look closer to a printed design. The tighter thread allows more precise lettering and greater detail in the artwork, especially on smaller patches.

PVC patches are made of a soft, rubberlike plastic. They allow the most flexibility in shapes, design and colors. The printed image can feature near-photo image quality and great detail. And unlike embroidered patches, PVC patches won’t fade over time.

One key difference to be aware of is that PVC patches, unlike their embroidered or woven counterparts, cannot use iron-on backing. They will need to be sewn onto the garment or attached with Velcro®.

If you’re not sure what patch type you need, don’t worry. Our experienced staff can help you select the ideal type, style, size, colors and options for your custom patches. We’ve got you covered no matter what kind of custom patch you need. Call or email us today to find out how easy ordering custom patches can be.