Feel Free to Revise Your Patch Design

Feel Free to Revise Your Patch Design

Published Apr 9, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things.”

Indeed it has. But not a time to talk of boring stuff like shoes, ships, sealing wax or cabbages and kings. Instead, it’s a time to talk of patches made, designs rare and common, of threads and twill and embroidery percentages.

OK, maybe not. What it IS time to talk about is the thing all of those topics have in common – revisions. More specifically, why you should be interested in revisions to your custom patch designs.

The simple fact is that revisions are a regular part of creating your patch. Maybe you want to move a star a smidge to the left. Move that name up a little. Hmmm, maybe change the image completely.

And that’s fine with us. We know that the design you submit to us might be just a first draft. Our artists are accustomed to it.

That’s why we don’t charge for revisions. We know it might take a few tries to get that perfect style you’re looking for. Our graphic artists are the best in the business, and will work with you to ensure your design looks exactly the way you want.

We’ll send you free digital proofs. You’re free to modify them any way you want. Only after you give your final approval for production to begin will we charge your credit card.

See, our whole business is built around choices. We know you have plenty of places to get your patches made. That’s why we give you lots of options for your patch sizes, shapes, styles, colors and backings. By giving you more choices, and listening to your patch needs and wants, we’re confident you’ll select us as your custom patch provider.

Not all of you will, of course, and that’s ok too. We know we won’t get every patch order in the universe. But if you’re seriously interested in having the most options, the lowest prices and the finest quality patches, we’re confident you’re in the right place. And that you’ll make the right choice for your custom patches – Custom-Patches4Less.com.