For The Best Patches, There Is No Substitute

For The Best Patches, There Is No Substitute

Published Oct 27, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Once upon a time, way back in the dark ages, there was a little movie that featured this famous line: “Porsche. There is no substitute.”

While I would truly love to be able to test that, I’m not quite at the income level to find out. But like young Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”, I can be a brand snob with the best of them. Especially in the supermarket.

Yes, as a matter of fact I do insist on a specific “quicker picker upper” in the paper towel aisle. The mac and cheese has to come from the blue and yellow box. And that store brand mayonnaise ain’t going anywhere near MY cart.

I’m betting you’re the same way. Certain products, specific brands simply do have no substitutes in our lives. Some of it’s based on brand loyalty, some on family tradition, and some on flat-out superior products.

It can be a combination of all three – ask a mayo snob why they prefer Duke’s, Hellman’s or Kraft (keeping in mind two out of three of them are wrong.)

It’s not limited to food, of course. Know anybody who chose a Zune over an iPod?

What does this have to do with custom patches? Simple. If you’ve never ordered patches from, you have no established brand loyalty toward us. You didn’t grow up watching Mom and Dad (or Grandma and Grandpa) order patches from us, so there goes the family tradition idea.

All that leaves us is one thing to capture your business – providing a flat-out superior product and buying experience. As you might expect, that’s a little bit more challenging than selling you a jar of Hel-, er, the right mayonnaise.

So what do we do? We make ordering fast and easy, and dare we say, even fun. Our friendly staff is dedicated to serving your patch needs and solving your patch problems.

Then we use only the highest quality materials and state of the art manufacturing processes for every patch we make. And we subject every single patch to our rigorous quality control standards.

Last but not least, we stand behind every product we sell. We don’t want your business just once. We want to be your custom patch provider for life.

Call or email today to find out more about how our patches can do for you. We’re confident that once you contact us, you will agree that when it comes to patches, there is no substitute for