Fundraising Patches Help Young Musicians Rock the Stadiums

Fundraising Patches Help Young Musicians Rock the Stadiums

Published Jun 28, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

For musicians, there’s nothing like the thrill of performing. And for many, that includes doing their best against tough competition. Marching band and drum corps competitions keep the competitive spirit strong throughout the year and especially in the summer months.

Bands and drum corps teams can spend weeks on the road in the summer, performing in stadiums around the country. And just like youth baseball and other extracurricular programs, that can cost a considerable amount of money. One drum corps, for example, is charging $4,900 for players to participate this year.

That can require some significant fundraising, as can high school bands during the school year. Fortunately, we offer a great solution – custom patches.

Many people are happy to contribute to fundraisers for music and affiliated programs for young people. When you explain what you’re selling patches for, lots of supporters will gladly open their wallets.

The key is to give them a patch that showcases the talents of your squad. If you’re group is competitive, get that out there on the patch. If you’ve won regional or national competitions, showcase that with a banner on the patch. (And you can always update it on next year’s patch when you win more!)

Drum corps music in particular is big, bold, brassy. Your patches should be too. Use high-impact colors and designs to really catch the eye. Remember, the patch should represent your sound and your attitude in competition. Put that competitive spirit out there on the line!

Band patches can be a bit more subtle. But don’t be afraid to show how great your band is. Have a motto, a mascot, a logo. Make it personal to everyone who sees it. Make them want to watch you and hear you in competition.

With the Drum Corps International (DCI) competitive season kicking off tonight (June 28), spectators are sure to see world class music and marching routines, performed by some of the finest young musicians in the nation. Selling patches can raise funds to help keep them playing for years of participation. Custom patches are a positive way to help both corps members and high school band members raise enough money to reach their highest potential.