Get Creative with Custom Patches this Holiday Season

Get Creative with Custom Patches this Holiday Season

Published Oct 29, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

Around here, we’re firm believers in the idea that there isn’t much you can’t do with patches. It's hard to beat the versatility of custom patches for so many things. With that in mind, we’d like to throw out an idea or two you might not have considered for the holiday season.

For starters, think about that office Christmas party. You know, the one with the “white elephant” gift exchange. If you’re looking for a fun little surprise present, custom patches are great.

No matter whether you’re a Buddy the Elf or "bah humbug" Grinch type, you can express yourself on a custom patch. You can even mix and match designs, and soon have the whole office laughing with you.

Patches -- Not Just for Ugly Sweaters Any More

And what to do with those patches? Well, you can always pin them to the bulletin board, tack or tape them to cubicle walls or display them on desks. They may be small, but they can be a happy reminder of the holidays, whether just for December or throughout the year.

Custom patches are ideal for school holiday parties and decorations as well. Give one to each child in your classroom. Share them in a school-wide assembly. You can even encourage trading among students.

Then there’s the all-time classic – the Ugly Sweater Contest. These have grown more popular in recent years, not to mention more competitive. If you want a design your family, friends or coworkers will be sure to talk about, go for entertaining patches to cover your ugly sweater.

Feel free to express your creativity on the patches. Whether you want to say “Grandma was pushed” or “The reindeer was framed” – or both – patches are an excellent medium. You can add multiple patches to each sweater, so you’re sure to reach a point of happy absurdity. You’ll be a shoo-in for that First Prize fruitcake!

Of course, you can always use patches to convey a more straightforward message too. Whether it’s Happy Holidays or Peace on Earth, you can put it on a patch that will look great and wear well for years to come.

Custom patches allow you to express your creativity in new ways and celebrate any season in style. Why not check out some of our designs and see what tickles your fancy? We’ll be here when you’re ready to order, and are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Just remember to go easy on the eggnog.