Give Your Patches a Bold, Bright Look With Metallic Threads

Give Your Patches a Bold, Bright Look With Metallic Threads

Published May 6, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

When it comes to embroidered patches, you want your design to stand out. A boring design that fades into that background just doesn’t work when it comes to promoting your brand, logo our cause. You want something that makes it pop visually.

There are multiple ways to boost your patch design’s display power. Metallic thread is one of the most powerful. A metal look kicks the wow factor of your patches into high gear.

Metallic Thread – The Basics

So what’s the secret to metallic thread?

To begin with, let’s distinguish between “metal” and “metallic.” True metal thread is just that – a thin, wire-like structure actually composed of gold, silver or other such materials. 

Gold and other metals have been used throughout history to embellish textiles around the world, including in China and ancient Egypt. The real metals, however, are rare, difficult to work with – especially in close quarters – and expensive.

Enter metallic threads. Unlike their true metal counterparts, they are made of synthetic materials such as polyester. Far less expensive and easier to work with, metallic threads combine the luster and sheen of real metal in a much more practical thread.

Metallic gold is especially popular because it resembles the shining sun. It adds a touch of richness to embroidery, a step above common colors. Metallic silver offers a similar appeal. And unless you’re Yukon Cornelius, the difference between the thread and the real metal will be virtually indistinguishable. You can choose from other metallic colors as well.

Granted, metallic thread will add a bit to the cost of your custom patches. But keep in mind, you don’t have to do the entire patch in metallic. A little bit can go a long way. Consider creating just one element of your design with metallic thread. This can be especially effective with a business logo.

There are other ways to jazz up your patch design, too. You can go with custom shapes, hot-cut borders, even neon thread (which will get its own post at a later date).

If you’d like to find out more about metallic thread and other patch design options, click here.