Let's Talk About Custom Patch Pricing

Let's Talk About Custom Patch Pricing

Published May 28, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

You’ve heard the saying “he knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

It’s a cynic’s approach to life that equates everything to a strictly dollars and cents value. It fails to take into account the idea that some things – dare we say custom patches? – can have a value far beyond their monetary cost.

At Custom-Patches4Less, we’re committed to giving you the greatest possible value for your money. That means giving you the highest quality patches you can get, for the lowest possible price.

Let’s look at patch pricing. When you order custom patches from us, what makes up the cost that you pay?

The starting factor is the size of the patch you want. The bigger the patch, the more it costs. Simple.

Next, we consider the type of patch you’re ordering. Embroidered, woven, printed and PVC patches all have different costs. Your cost will depend on the type you need to fit your specific patch needs.

With embroidered patches, another determining factor is the percentage of embroidery coverage. A design that covers only 50% of the backing twill will be less expensive than one that covers 75% or 100% of the backing. The more intricate stitching you have – i.e., the greater the coverage – the more the patch costs.

While some companies might charge you for their artists’ time doing revisions, we never do. That’s an example of the added value of ordering from us.

At Custom-Patches4Less, we do our best to offer you the best value possible. That’s why we include up to 7 colors free in your patches. We also offer additional colors for a slight extra charge.

Another factor that influences the price of your patches is the backing style. Iron-on, Velcro® or tape backings all add to the price of your patches.

We take pride in being able to work with your specific patch needs no matter what your budget. If you want the best patches you can buy, at the lowest possible price, we will make it happen. Call or email us to find out more how we can give you the best patch value anywhere.