Minimalist? Maximalist? It's All Good

Minimalist? Maximalist? It's All Good

Published Mar 5, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

In the last few years, the idea of minimalism has become popular. You know,  tidying up with Marie Kondo, decluttering, all that jazz.

For some, it works. The idea of not owning more than 100 things in your entire world appeals to some folks, and that’s great for them.

I am not one of them.

I don’t know why, but I am a collector. Books, records, CDs, pens, political buttons, vacuum cleaners, you name it.

Wait, what? Vacuum cleaners?

Yes. I have about three dozen or so. But that’s a story for another time. My point is, I need a certain amount of stuff.

That’s not to say I’m a hoarder like you see on TV. I’m capable of getting rid of things, and the collections have their carefully defined spaces, not the whole house. But I’ve found to function at my best, I do need a degree of joyous clutter in my life.

Needless to say, my very tidy wife is not thrilled. But she doesn’t argue too much as she stands in front of her rolling pin and KitchenAid mixer collections, so we’re good.

Now when it comes to patches, you don’t really expect me to say you only need one, do you?

Actually, that is what I’m saying. If you are a minimalist by nature, or just like a clean surface with a little bit of decoration, go ahead. Have your one exquisitely designed patch with the perfect insignia stitched onto your jacket, vest, shirt or jeans. Make that one perfect point you want to make.

On the other hand, if you’re more outspoken, go for a bunch of patches. Cover that vest. Big three-piece patch on the back, lots of smaller ones on the front. Announce your club membership, your position in the club, your political affiliation, your favorite joke, or anything else you want. It’s all good.

That’s the bottom line, really. Whether you’re Marie Kondo tidying up, Jay Leno collecting classic cars, or somewhere in between, it’s all about what makes you happy.

I’m not giving away my secrets for finding the best vacuums, but if you’re reading this, you already know where to find the best patches – large, small, one or 10,000. That’s Happy collecting!