Mistaken Identity or Holiday Magic?

Mistaken Identity or Holiday Magic?

Published Dec 3, 2018 by Rick Cundiff

Ah, the holidays. A special time of year when things are just a little bit different. Where, if you believe, magic can happen when you least expect it. Here’s an example I witnessed a few years back:

Picture if you will, a casual chain restaurant in the suburbs of Atlanta. An evening in December, a bit late. The gentleman in question and his wife have been traveling and stopped in for a quick bite. He’s wearing a red shirt, has a beard, and is a trifle “well-fed,” shall we say. The lights of the restaurant are relatively dim.

Very shortly after they’re seated for dinner, a young family is escorted to the adjacent table. Mom, Dad, and a little girl with a remarkable resemblance to Cindy Lou Who. Probably around 3 years old.

Immediately, the girl’s eyes go wide. She knows who she’s seated next to.

“Santa Claus!”

Very much a case of mistaken identity. The man is a trifle nonplussed. The parents are a trifle embarrassed. The little girl is happy.

As the meal begins, “Santa” and spouse talk quietly, as the little girl watches, rapt. Her parents do their best to draw her attention back to her own meal.

“I love you, Santa Claus!”

Santa gamely replies “Santa loves you too.” Santa is not accustomed to this level of scrutiny, and really isn’t crazy about it.

At one point, the girl gets a little bit of pepper in her eye. Santa offers his (unused) water glass to the parents for her relief. Their gratitude shows.

Finally, the young family finishes their dinner. Dad picks up the now sleepy little girl and starts to carry her out, Mom at his side.

There’s only one thing the faux Santa can do, of course.

“HO HO HO!” Loud enough to be heard throughout the dining room.

The little girl’s eyes over Daddy’s shoulder grew wide. She KNEW it!

She left happy. So did Santa and Mrs. Faux-Claus. Somewhere, I’m guessing the real Santa chortled and nodded his approval.

As I said, sometimes magic happens when you least expect it. What does that have to do with custom embroidered patches? Just this:

Magic comes in many forms. Custom patches can be a way to share your magic with others, for the holidays and any other occasion.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sleigh car to prep for another trip to Atlanta….