Need More Legibility on A Smaller Patch? Woven is the Answer

Need More Legibility on A Smaller Patch? Woven is the Answer

Published Nov 4, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Picture this: You’re the person responsible for custom patches at your business. You’re a patch pro. You’ve ordered custom embroidered patches before. But now the new boss wants smaller patches, with more detail. What do you do?

Easy. You call! We have the perfect solution to your new patch requirements – woven patches.

What’s so special about woven patches, you ask? They’re produced with a different process that uses smaller (thinner) threads than embroidered patches. That allows more thread density in a smaller amount of space on the backing material. It gives you greater detail and legibility with smaller letters. They also are a lighter weight than embroidered patches.

So your dilemma is solved. You order woven patches from us, the boss loves them, and sees you as someone who’s on the ball. You’re halfway to that corner office already!

OK, fine, we can’t promise that. What we can promise is that our custom woven patches are made to the same exacting quality standards as our woven or PVC patches. Just like our embroidered designs, we carefully inspect each one before we ship your order to you. And we stand behind everything we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

As with our embroidered styles, our woven patches are available with any of our backing styles – sew-on, iron-on, hook and loop (Velcro®) or tape. And we still offer up to 7 thread colors free. Choose from our full spectrum of Pantone® thread colors. Need more than 7 colors? No problem. Choose as many as you need for a slight extra charge.

Now that you know you can depend on us for outstanding custom woven patches, what are you waiting for? If you’re still not sure which style best suits your needs – embroidered, woven or PVC – just let us know. Call or email us today and our experienced staff will be happy to recommend the right patches for you!