Not Hitting Your Goals? Make Some Changes!

Not Hitting Your Goals? Make Some Changes!

Published Oct 29, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Funny how quickly things can change. And how powerful change can be.

Take the recent football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers.

Now I’m not a big sports fan, and football isn’t even a particular favorite. But I gotta love the story of this game.

The Packers were missing several key players. The Cardinals were undefeated, while the Packers had lost only one game this season.

As the clock ticked down, Green Bay led by three, and the Cardinals tried for what looked like an easy touchdown for the win. But Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas intercepted the pass in the end zone. Green Bay held on to win the game 24-21.

OK, great play, right? But here’s the best part.

The Packers acquired Douglas three weeks earlier – from the Cardinals’ practice squad.

That’s a great change, and one that shows what a difference the right fit can make. The player the Cardinals didn’t want not only cost them the game; he potentially cost them an undefeated season.

So what does that have to do with us? Simple. Have you thought about the possibility that your marketing plan might not be working as well as it could? Maybe some changes are in order to help your brand reach its full potential.

If you’re looking to make changes, consider custom patches. Whether for employee uniforms, company jackets or to give away to customers, they’re a way to graphically keep your logo in front of both current and prospective customers.

Already using patches? Change it up! Go for new designs, bold new colors. Or add one or more of our other great promotional products to the mix. Whatever it takes to help you reach your goals, we can help.

Talk to us. Our experienced staff will be glad to help you create designs that will boost your bottom line and maximize your brand awareness and profit potential into the foreseeable future. Call or email us today to find out more.