Political Patches Make a Statement

Political Patches Make a Statement

Published May 4, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

Madonna sang that we’re living in a material world. She’s not necessarily wrong, but that statement is incomplete. We’re also living in a political world. And no matter which side of an issue you’re on, you’re most likely looking for ways to make your views known.

Consider political patches.

Custom patches are a time-honored way to get your point across in a way that makes it clear where you stand. Sewn onto a denim or leather jacket or vest, or a backpack, or jeans, patches make a statement.

In these politicized, polarized times, it might be wise to consider if you really want to make a public statement every time you wear a jacket. Emotions tend to run high around many issues today. Making a stand sometimes won’t make you popular, no matter which side of an issue you favor.

But if you believe in your cause strongly enough to make your feelings known, patches are an excellent way to do so. Whether embroidered, woven or PVC, patches are a cost-effective, colorful way to say what you mean.

Consider Size and Color

One thing to think about is the size of your patch. Obviously, the bigger the patch, the more room you have for detailed, intricate artwork and/or extensive lettering. But don’t forget that space is limited. Don’t overwhelm the point you’re trying to make with too much detail.

Simplicity can make a dramatic point, too. One to three words and a simple image can speak volumes for many causes. That’s a good reason for limiting the total number of patches on any one garment, too. The fewer patches you wear at a given time, the more your message can be seen.

Color is another important factor. If you’re bold, choose colors that will stand out, that make your point emphatically. If you really want to make your patches eye-catching, neon or metallic threads work wonders on embroidery. PVC patches give you the chance to present brilliant, near-photorealistic colors.

On the other hand, you might want to make a more subtle comment. Go with more muted colors that can be seen but don’t “pop” the way the brighter ones do.

Regardless of what you believe – liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, Star Wars or Star Trek – there’s a way to express your views on custom patches. If you want to see how easy it can be to create your own custom patches, see here.