Pups Need Patches! Doggo Patches are Doggone Easy!

Pups Need Patches! Doggo Patches are Doggone Easy!

Published Jul 14, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

You there, in the leather jacket. You obviously have your patches in order. You’re all set for the next biker rally, car show or road trip. But what about your riding buddy, your best friend?

You know, the furry companion who rides shotgun in the truck with his head out the window, or wears goggles as he cruises in the sidecar? He needs his own patches too!

Why not give Fido – or Fidette – a chance to look as cool as you do? Remember, they look up to you to set the style. And for a pup, nothing’s more stylish than their own leather or denim jacket, complete with custom patches all their own.

If you have a dog, you already know they’re a natural icebreaker for meeting new people. Now picture your dog, whether purebred or mutt, looking even cooler and more approachable than ever.

We can print dog patches with the same stuff we put on people patches. You want to include Rover’s club affiliation? You got it. You want Lady, the Afghan hound, to tell the world she’s high maintenance but worth it? We can do that.

And of course, any Chihuahua would be proud to sport Live to Bark, Bark to Live on their vest.

It’s simple. We can customize your patch to a size proportional to your dog’s jacket or vest size.  We can even do patches sized to fit collars. We can embroider or imprint it with your message or logo with our standard processes. Just let us know what you want the design to look like, and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Hey, they don’t call these the dog days of summer for nothing. If your pooch pal really wants to be in with the in crowd at the beach, the bike fest, the car show or the drive-in, we’ve got some doggone great patches for them to wear. To find out more, call, email or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form.

At Custom-Patches4Less.com, we doggedly pursue excellence, without muttering, to meet all your custom patch needs!