Rain, Shine, Snow, Dark of Night -- It's Time for New Patches

Rain, Shine, Snow, Dark of Night -- It's Time for New Patches

Published Feb 9, 2022 by Rick Cundiff

It’s raining here at Ye Olde Patch HQ this afternoon. Funny how rain always makes you nostalgic, isn’t it? Rainy afternoons are great for reminiscing about past successes, good times with friends and special events.

You might have custom patches to remind you of those times, those people. If you’re active duty military, you might be wearing a morale patch right now to show pride in your unit. Or if you’re a vet, you have custom patches for your jacket, vest or hat to commemorate your time in the field as well.

Let’s say you’re a motorcycle rider. Maybe you have patches to celebrate that recent trip to Sturgis. Or all your trips to Sturgis. Or to Daytona Beach Bike Week. Or any other special event. If you’re a member of a club, of course, you have your colors with custom patches.

Now, about those patches – isn’t it time to add some new ones? As times change, so do opinions and sentiments. Maybe you want to comment on a political situation. Maybe you want to commemorate a friend lost to Covid-19. Or maybe you just want to say something funny.

Are you old patches faded and tired from rain, sun and wind? Colors getting kinda dull and boring? Now is a perfect time to add bright new ones. Add even more color to your look with bold, bright, metallic or neon-colored threads. Go for a more realistic look with PVC patches instead of embroidered or woven. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s never been a better time to order great new patches to express it.

Speaking of the rain, did we mention that those PVC patches, besides looking great, are fully waterproof? Wherever you roam, march or ride, you can count on them to stay great looking under any conditions.

Yes, just like that annoying song from “Annie,” the sun will come out tomorrow. When it does, be prepared with dazzling new patches from Custom-Patches4Less.com. Call or email us today to find out how easy ordering bold new patches can be!