Rare by Design: The Benefits of Limited Editions

Rare by Design: The Benefits of Limited Editions

Published Mar 5, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Have you ever noticed how some things are expensive just because they’re kind of rare?

Of course you have. We all have. There’s a reason why Ferraris cost more than Fords. It’s a basic fact of supply and demand. The fewer of something that exists, the more you can charge.

Ok, but consider diamonds. Anyone who’s ever priced an engagement ring knows diamonds aren’t cheap. So diamonds must be really rare, right?

Not really. Diamonds are actually one of the most common gemstones on the planet. And today they’re even being synthesized around the world. So-called “lab grown” diamonds can even sell at prices comparable to their mined counterparts.

So what accounts for the price of diamonds? That’s easy – sellers who limit the availability. It’s a perceived rarity that creates the market. And buyers appreciate being part of an exclusive “in group.”

Here’s a little secret – you can do the same thing with custom patches. It’s easy to create special limited edition patches for fundraising, or to denote a special group within a group.

Let’s say your band wants to raise money and promote your brand at the same time. Why not sell a sequentially numbered, limited edition merch package to your fans? Or raffle off such a package, selling tickets to win one of a limited number of prizes.

Or how about if your motorcycle riding club wants to commemorate a special ride just for new members – or just for long-time members? Why not create a special patch just for participants in the ride? It’s something they can add to their jackets or vests to celebrate the ride of a lifetime, something that’s theirs alone.

The possibilities of custom patches are just about endless if you want to make a statement, promote your business, celebrate an event or just have fun. Just remember, sometimes less can be more.