Rollin' Thunder -- Roller Derby Patches to Support Your Team!

Rollin' Thunder -- Roller Derby Patches to Support Your Team!

Published Jul 16, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Hear that thunder? The sound of wheels on a wooden floor? 

Better watch out. That’s the likes of Apex Predator, Honey Basher, Molly Machete and Slamazon Prime moving up. Roller Derby is back, and racing toward a rink near you.

You may remember the glory days of Roller Derby and Roller Games from the 1960s and ‘70s. Much like professional wrestling, the banked track spinning sport was in many cases staged and scripted in those days before it faded out eventually.

Today’s Derby dames are nothing like that. With the transition to a flat track in Derby’s new millennium revival, these women are serious athletes. 

Sure, the names are fun, and the outfits are entertaining. But these women are out to win. They’re empowered and bold. They’re not afraid to push their luck on the rink, and they’re not afraid to injure – or be injured – in pursuit of a point. 

It’s fast, furious and fun. And custom patches are a terrific way to support the team. No matter if you remember the good old days of the Los Angeles Thunderbirds, or you’re a devotee of today’s Ocala Cannibals (our local team), patches are a perfect way to celebrate the team.

For the teams, selling patches is a fun way to raise needed funds. With a custom logo for each team, they make great collectables, too. The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association lists 456 teams on 6 continents. Why not collect patches from them all?

Contrary to the former Derby days, most teams today are non-profit. Merchandise sales support the sport and are a terrific way to promote your favorite skaters. Rock the patches on a jacket, vest or other garment to show your appreciation.

No matter if you’re a fan or team member, today’s Roller Derby has something for everyone. Why not help support your local team with custom Derby patches from us?

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