Small Things Are Important! Make Sure Your Patches are Right!

Small Things Are Important! Make Sure Your Patches are Right!

Published Aug 3, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Mea culpa, my friends. I goofed.

How, you ask? Well, it was a typo, pure and simple. In a recent post about the upcoming Sturgis Rally, I called this year’s event the “81th.”

Oops. Duly noted and changed to 18th.  Just kidding, it’s properly corrected to “81st.”

It’s a small thing, sure. But as you’re rolling toward Sturgis this week, consider all the so-called “small things” that make your ride possible.

No matter what you ride, be it Harley or Honda, BMW or Buell, KTM or Kawasaki, there are a LOT of small things that make your bike work.

Any motorcycle engine alone is an incredibly complex piece of machinery. Clearances between moving parts are measured to thousandths of an inch. Get that clearance wrong and very bad things can happen – valves hitting pistons, for example.

Or take the small pins, screws and bolts that hold the bike together. Lose or break those at the wrong time, and once again, bad things happen.

How about the little things we count on to make our lives easier? Take something as simple as disposable ink pens. Even in the digital age, they’re essential for signing paperwork, taking notes, leaving messages and much more. They’re a simple device, but once again, made with precision.

The bottom line is, accuracy is important, even in small things. That’s why I corrected that “81th.” Your confidence in our ability to get your patch design right the first time is crucial to our business success.

That’s why we send you a free digital proof of your patch design before you finalize your order. We want to be sure your patches are exactly what you want before production begins. For the same reason, we don’t charge for revisions. You can rest assured your custom patches from us  patches will look just the way you expect.

Best wishes and safe travels to all going to Sturgis. It’s a bit late to get patches for Sturgis, but hey, Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach is coming up. There’s still time to get new patches for that one!