Published Apr 22, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Ah, Spring. The weather’s nice here at Patch HQ. Not too hot yet – a big thing here in sunny Florida. Not too wet either. We’ve got about six weeks before the rainy season kicks in. Of course, that’s just about the start of hurricane season too.

In the meantime, we’re getting temps in the 70s and low 80s, with low humidity. Trees and grasses are a nice, bright shade of green, vibrant you might even say. It’s a time to think about renewal, making things new.

Especially after the past year, dog knows we can use a little renewal. And from where we sit, things are looking up. More and more of us are vaccinated. Businesses are opening up, motorcycles are revving up, and people are starting to come out in public again. It’s a promising time of year.

Seems to me like it’s a great time to order new patches. If you have jackets, vests, jeans or shirts with patches, why not consider adding new ones? You know you have something you want to say. Put it on a patch and tell the world.

Business owners – you know you could use some bright new patches for your employee uniforms. You don’t have to change your logo (although that’s always an option too), but you can add a little flair to brighten up those name patches. Consider adding a little color, maybe some neon thread to those embroidered patches. Renew your staff’s spirit, and supercharge your brand!

It’s a simple fact of life that the business world moves fast today. A little flexibility on your part, a little springtime reinvention can do wonders to keep your brand bold and vibrant in your customers’ minds. Why not go for it?

Our experienced staff can help you update your patch designs for the new season. Whether you need name patches, jacket patches, club patches, morale patches or any other style, now is the time to tap into the creative energy of Spring. We’re here to serve all your patch needs.