The Importance of the 3 Ps -- Practice, Persevere, Push

The Importance of the 3 Ps -- Practice, Persevere, Push

Published Jun 1, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

Ever stop to think about what it takes to get really good at something?

Name a skill or an ability. Any one. Take typing, for example. If you’re a touch typist, you were pretty darn slow when you started. Your fingers didn’t know where to reach for those keys. And if you were taught the way I was, looking at the keys didn’t help, for there was nothing on them but white enamel.

So you fumbled and bumbled until you started to get the hang of it. And as you learned where each key was, and under which finger it fell, you got faster and more accurate. You eventually picked up a decent speed, better than your hunt and peck colleagues.

Or let’s say you started to learn coding (“programming” back in my day). Your first attempts weren’t simple and elegant. They were stumbling, halting, full of errors. It was the equivalent of learning a new language. But eventually, you caught on, and maybe today, you’re running a software company.

How about playing a musical instrument? Did you pick up that guitar and immediately play like Mark Knopfler, Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Nancy Wilson? Of course not. But with a little practice, you could pick out three chords, couldn’t you? Do you think any of those three started any differently than you did?

No matter what you name, it takes practice and perseverance to get good at it. Woodworking, cooking, driving a car, martial arts, whatever it is. It’s a simple fact that the more time you put into a skill, the better at it you’re going to get.

Once you have the basics down, how do you get better still? You push the envelope. You keep pushing, just a little bit beyond your capabilities, and gradually those capabilities expand.

One example, for the writers out there. If you really want to type faster, on any kind of keyboard, try it while listening to music that has a beat just a little bit faster than your comfortable typing speed. You’ll be surprised how quickly your speed increases.

Now if you’re shopping for custom patches, look for a company that follows those three Ps – practice, perseverance, push. That yields a fourth one – progress.

At, we’ve been in business for nearly 20 years. That’s perseverance. Our graphic artists practice their art every day to create new designs for our customers. And we push beyond the boundaries of traditional design and customer service to give you the finest quality patches you can buy, with the best service you’ll get from any business.

Don’t accept anything less than excellence from your custom patch provider. Remember the 3 Ps, and act accordingly.