There's Always Plenty To Be Grateful For

There's Always Plenty To Be Grateful For

Published Nov 19, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

So here we are at the holiday season. It’s been a long slog to get here this year, hasn’t it? Between mask mandates, rescinded mask mandates, conflicting information from multiple sources, inflation, and more, it’s kinda hard to tell which end is up these days.

And yet, here we are a week away (as of this writing) from Thanksgiving. Even in a crazy year like this, we’re pretty sure just about everyone has something to be thankful for.

That’s not to downplay the events of 2021. We’ve had political turbulence, economic upsets, an ongoing global pandemic and more. We’ve lost loved ones and friends along the way. Even as we try to venture back into public life, we remain isolated and divided in too many ways.

And yet … we’re still here. That has to count for something. We’re still together as families, as friends, as a nation.

Take a deep breath. Celebrate the basics. Honor the air that’s clean enough to breathe, the water that’s clear enough to drink, the food that’s abundant in our pantries. If you’ve read this far, it shows 1.) that you’re able to read, and 2.) that you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. Don’t take either of those for granted.

At, we’re grateful for all of those things, of course. And we’re grateful for our loyal customers over the past 15+ years. We don’t take you for granted. That’s what drives our commitment to giving you the best customer service, lowest prices and highest quality custom patches you can get.

All of those things are important, but the one that truly stands out for us is customer service. Our goal is to give you the best total deal possible. That means we listen to you. We find out what you want and need in custom patches. We work with you every step of the way to design custom patches that represent exactly what you want to portray on them. And we’re grateful that has resulted in a successful business for us, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

From all of us at, we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.