What's the Best Way to Attach a Patch? It Depends

What's the Best Way to Attach a Patch? It Depends

Published Aug 12, 2021 by Rick Cundiff

If you’re looking to patch things up, we’re here to help. Let’s look at ways patches can be attached to garments.

We offer a selection of attachment options for the patches we offer, and some are better for certain applications than others.

The secret to finding the right way to attach custom patches to your garment is to consider three things: the garment material, the patch type and how permanent you want it to be.

Any one of those three can be the deciding factor. For example, if you just need quick patches for a weekend convention or one-time concert, tape backing will be fine. It’s just right for short-term, temporary attachment.

How about if you want something to attach to a uniform shirt or jacket? You have more choices here. Iron-on patches are a fast, easy way to get a patch onto a garment. Simple, right?

Not so fast. If you’re ordering PVC patches, they can’t take the heat of an iron. On the flip side of that, leather and many synthetic textiles can’t take iron-on patches either. That leaves the classic sew-on method to attach them.

What if you want morale patches that might be a little bit snarky, that you might not want your commanding officer or your boss to see? What do you do if you want to transfer patches from one garment to another easily?

In those cases, Velcro® patches are the answer. The classic hook-and-loop fastener, with one side on the patch and the other sewn to the garment allows fast, easy removal or exchange of patches to suit the occasion. These is a very common backing for many military patches.

With the range of backing options we offer, we’re confident we can give your patches the perfect backing for your needs. One word of caution: if you’re considering iron-on and you’re not absolutely sure about either the patch material or the garment, do not guess. Talk to one of our friendly, helpful staff members who will guide you to the right choice.

Remember, we’re your one-stop source for great patches of all kinds. Call, email or fill out our no-obligation free quote form today to find out how we can serve all your custom patch needs.